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Custom Cards

Below are some sample images that have been used in designing custom cards.

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Custom Card - Wine & Cheese on the Beach
Used for a wine and cheese engagement party. The couple's name is painted on the wine label.
Custom Card - Nicholas - Lion, Tigers, & Bears
Used as a general card by Nicholas' mother especially for writing "thank you" notes after his birthday.
Custom Card - Baby Ethan &  Balls
Baby shower invitation with a "sports theme" since to match the nursery theme. Painting was later used as decoration in the room.
Custom Baby Shower Cards
This was used as the invitation for a baby shower where the nursery theme was Americana.
Custom Thank you cards The image was later revised to be used a thank you card afterwards.
Name tag - BeeName Tag - Blue Butterfly
Name Tag - Green ButterflyName Tag - Red Lady Bug
These were used as name tags at a garden theme wedding shower.
Custom Party Invitation - Cat & Penguins This was used as a playful invitation.

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