Move Word Pencil Sketch Art Drawing

Everything is movement.  We must embrace and expect change in our lives and the world. 

Move your body.

Move your mind.

Move your soul.

Move Word Pencil Sketch Art Drawing
Move Word Meditation Sketchbook Pencil Art Drawing

Knowing this, allow yourself to move versus using your energy fighting inevitable change.  Accept the escalations up and down with the currents of life.  Know that in a low moment, will turn around but change your mindset to recognize it.  Appreciate the high moments by being fully present enjoying them.  Use your memories for perspective in revisiting the waves of life but do not get stuck in past stories in knowing they are temporary life moments.

Illustration is of the word “Move” in flowing letters with the suggestion of water and waves in the background.  Pencil sketch drawing from meditation sketchbook by Laurel Latto for DonnaBellas.

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